About Us

The Leeds Health and Care Academy was developed in recognition that a step change was needed to tackle workforce challenges, and maximise the opportunities that a joined-up approach could bring. Our work spans learning and development for the current workforce, supporting candidates moving into or across health and care organisations in Leeds, and working alongside partners on collaborative workforce projects that have been designed to strengthen our effectiveness as a system.

Our ambition is for Leeds to be the best city for training and working in the sector, with progressive, diverse careers for all students and staff, inspiring the next generation of health and care workers. It will be a healthy and caring city for all ages, where people who are the poorest improve their health the fastest.

You can view our 2024 strategy document here.

Team Structure

The Leeds Health and Care Academy consists of three different teams:

Learning & Culture

Engage, train, develop, improve, and advance shared learning.

One Workforce Programme

Recruit, mobilise, support wellbeing, retain, and narrow inequalities.

Strategy & Planning

Analyse, evaluate, inform, design, and lead.

Our Achievements: 2022/23

• 1137 total participants and learners
people booked onto a learning opportunity
• 73 cohorts / sessions hosted
0 +
people engaged with Academy opportunities
• 67 people enrolled onto a collaborative apprenticeship across 13 organisations
people were supported into employment through an Academy programme
• 67 people enrolled onto a collaborative apprenticeship across 13 organisations
people accessed health and wellbeing training or support
£ 0 k
total amount of external investment attracted



reported feeling more confident in their personal development after taking part. “I had lost confidence in my ability to manage challenges and stresses at work, this programme has empowered me to dust myself off and reminded me of all the skills I
have to give.”

Better Conversations: ​


stated that Better Conversations had a positive impact on their role. “The skills covered will be used
almost daily in my role. I will make a conscious effort to include more solution and decision-making techniques and to also ask more questions. This means instead of me just providing information the client will have more opportunity to be involved in the conversation.”

Data Analyst Apprenticeship:


of apprentices are using their new skills daily. “The course has increased my satisfaction in my role in that it’s already allowed me to carve out more of a niche for myself in my workplace.”

Our Partners

The Leeds Health and Care Academy is funded by five partners:

However, we work with and support all health and care organisations across Leeds, including primary care, voluntary, community, and independent providers, as well as educational institutions. Some of our key partners include:

Our Governance

The Leeds Health and Care Academy plays an important role in delivering the Leeds Health and Wellbeing Strategy, and links into several workforce groups across the city.

The Leeds One Workforce Strategic Board (LOWSB) oversees the Leeds One Workforce Programme, and also directs the Academy Steering Group (ASG), which has responsibility for assuring the scope and impact of the Leeds Health and Care Academy portfolio.
The role of the ASG is to oversee the development, delivery and impact of all Academy products and services, and to assure partner organisations that we are meeting the needs of the health and care workforce.

Our Advisory Groups were put in place to offer guidance and insight in three main areas – clinical and care, education and organisational development. These groups meet regularly to review the Academy’s learning portfolio and check and inform alignment with priorities, to review current and emerging Academy programmes, identify learning needs within their area, and to help engage their section of the workforce with Academy development opportunities. We work closely with the Leeds Academic Health Partnership aligning the future of Health and Care in our city with the essential support and development for everyone who studies or works across our partnership.