Improving employment

The Academy will provide opportunity for skills, job and wealth creation, engaging and recruiting those in our most disadvantaged communities and inspiring the next generation health and care workforce. This will ensure we have the highly diverse, skilled workforce we need to serve the people of Leeds, now and in the future.


  • To support a healthy pipeline of staff in health and care, thereby addressing workforce shortages and contribute to inclusive growth and social mobility.
  • To position Leeds at the forefront of innovative education, learning and development in health and care.

Some of the work taking place

Our Leeds Health and Care Ambassadors are recruited from across our partner organisations and from different roles within them. They are trained and then released from their roles several times a year to promote the many amazing apprenticeship and career opportunities available to people living in Leeds and further afield. They attend careers events and fairs as well as outreach work in our schools, colleges and communities.

We are identifying and connecting the many health and care career opportunities across the city so we can promote them to our schools and colleges and in our communities. 

We particularly want to do everything we can to highlight the opportunities available for people living in our most disadvantaged communities, giving them all the help and support we can to find apprenticeships and jobs in their home town.