Leeds City Council and Social Care Sector Partners

Social Care Nursing Leeds

Leeds City Council and partners across the city are committed to supporting nurses to work in care homes and social care settings. The Social Care Nursing in Leeds project aims to involve care homes and social care providers in future nursing development and invites staff to share their experiences. We also hope to raise awareness of career development opportunities available across the care sector for trained nurses, spanning a variety of care settings including residential care, mental health services, learning disability and substance misuse services.

Leeds is the UK’s fourth largest city and is a diverse and multicultural centre. The city has the largest number of universities outside of London and is known for its world class shopping and culture. Leeds is also just a stone’s throw away from some the world’s most beautiful Yorkshire landscapes and countryside. The wider Leeds City Region is seen as the UK’s leading centre for healthcare and innovation, and an international leader in commissioning and delivering integrated health and social care services. With four out of the five NHS national offices based in Leeds, including NHS England, Leeds has an exceptionally strong healthcare sector focus.

Care home and social care nursing is an extremely rewarding career, offering a great deal of development and training, with clear opportunities for progression. In-house nursing staff build long-term relationships with residents and gain experience of treating patients with a variety of health conditions, while employing a strength-based approach.

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