NHS Cadets

The NHS, aims to have a workforce and volunteer base that is representative of the communities it works in and supports. This means that this project aims to reach a diverse range of young people who have barriers to entering health volunteering and/or a health care career.

Diversity and inclusion are important and we want to include young people with different life experiences and circumstances. Some of these include young people from ethnic minorities, from different religions or no religion, and different gender identities.

People with different life experiences and circumstances (as well as those mentioned above) could include young people who are:

  • At risk of not being in education, employment or training (NEET)
  • Looked after children or care leavers
  • Young carers
  • From lower income families
  • Those whose exam grades were/may be lower than expected/hoped
  • Mental ill health, learning difficulties, disability or long term illness
  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers

When you go through the online form, not all the questions are mandatory. However, if we have accurate information about you, we will be able to easily assess your eligibility to join NHS Cadets allowing you to proceed to the final step in the registration process. This is where you will formally register with NHS Cadets.

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