Residential Practitioner

Residential Practitioners provide positive, engaging activities and experiences for young people living in homes, helping them to tackle the challenges that they face, and acting as a support and a trusted guide in all areas of their lives. 

Leeds City Council is currently looking for people like you to provide vital support to young people living in residential care, where you’ll be able to change their lives for the better through your work

Some of the skills you’ll need for a Residential Practitioner role include:

  • Communication skills – you must be able to communicate clearly and respectfully with vulnerable young people, and with your team.
  • The ability to empower – you will be motivating and empowering young people to do their best every day, and will be guiding them to make important decisions about their lives and future.
  • Empathy – you need to be able to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Office and admin skills – writing reports, updating computer records and other basic IT skills are needed.
  • Reliability – you will be providing support to vulnerable young people who will be relying on you to show up and do your best. You need to be both flexible and adaptable to meet their needs.
  • Resilience – being able to stay calm and bounce back from challenging situations is very important.
  • Advocacy – you will need to advocate for a young person at meetings where they are the subject of discussion.

If you are interested in this opportunity but are unable to commit to the course please email

Join the free two-week pre-employment programme to learn about: 

  • Safeguarding 
  • Attachment and positive relationships 
  • Communication and confidentiality 
  • Handling medication 
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion 
  • Food preparation, hygiene and infection control 

Upon successful completion of the course, applicants will have been supported to achieve an accredited qualification in Paediatric First Aid and be offered the opportunity to interview for a Residential Practitioner role.   

Course details: 

  • Date: Monday 22nd April to Friday 3rd May 2024
  • Time: 9:30am-2:30pm 
  • Location: Leeds City College Eastgate Campus, LS2 7LY (public transport travel costs can be covered) 

Applicants are asked to: 

  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • Be willing to work at least 30 hours per week 
  • Be able to be flexible with hours worked 
  • Be prepared to fully commit to the two-week programme 
  • Demonstrate the ability to work at a Level 1 in Maths and English (previous skills/qualifications/work experience will be considered) 

We spoke to young people living in residential care, and some of the things that they are looking for Residential Practitioners to support them with are:

“Someone who can help me cook.”

“I would like someone who can take me to see my family.”

“Someone who understands me when I am not happy.”

“I would like someone who helps me to when I need to talk.”

“Someone who helps me with my braids.”

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