Allied Healthcare Professionals

Occupational Therapists (Community)

An Occupational Therapist in the community help all kinds of people overcome all kinds of challenges, so they can live as fully and independently as possible. This might involve learning new ways to do things, or making changes to their environment to make things easier. Occupational Therapists provide holistic, person-centred care across Leeds, aiming to support people within their own homes, encouraging self-management and improving health and wellbeing outcomes. They work collaboratively to meet the patient’s needs providing a home first approach through:

  • Providing a high quality person-centred approach to care delivery which always considers people’s safety, privacy and dignity
  • Carrying out an assessment of a patient’s care needs and developing programmes of care
  • Management of long-term conditions, with a rehabilitative approach
  • Rapid response
  • Facilitation of hospital discharges

They work autonomously, enabling patients to manage their own health and wellbeing and improve their independence and quality of life, by empowering them to achieve meaningful goals.

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