Registered Nurse (Community)

A Registered Nurse in the Community works as part of a team to provide a safe, effective, efficient care environment for patients, relatives and carers. They are responsible for the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of programmes of care under indirect supervision from senior staff.

They also monitor patient’s conditions, assessing their needs so they can provide the best possible care and advice for them. Maintaining the privacy and dignity of all patients is vital, as is adhering to Trust and department policies, reporting any difficulties with these duties to senior staff.

Qualities that are required to as a Nurse in the Community are:

  • Able to work effectively in a team
  • Enthusiastic and assertive
  • Caring and compassionate
  • Flexible and reliable
  • Strong desire to improve standards
  • Self-motivated
  • Dynamic and supportive
  • Keen to implement research based practice.

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