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Students in Leeds looking for an opportunity that is right for you?

The Talent Hub is a Citywide service that supports the Students of Leeds. Whether you are looking for paid work, work experience or volunteering the below information aims to provide you an overview of some of the opportunities within the Leeds health and care sector. 

If you would like to find out more please click the Talent Hub Link or send an email to and a member of our team will contact you to have a conversation about the options available.

Please remember that your university will also have career portals, advice centres, a student union and volunteering teams to support finding the right opportunity for you.

Works Experience


As a student we understand that work experience can help and support you to gain valuable insights into your chosen career path and learn more about the skills and experience in order to be successful moving forward. Some of the key benefits of work experience are enabling you to put theory based learning into practice, helping you to build relationships with key people and helping to improve your knowledge and confidence in your chosen career area. Typically work experience would be up to 5 consecutive days and consist of shadowing opportunities within a chosen discipline/area.



Gaining real-world experience through volunteering is a great way for you as a student to develop key work based skills and experience, increase employability and support the local community in Leeds at the same time. Volunteering has various benefits, including providing you with where your strengths lie, as well as providing a unique perspective for a particular organisation or sector, which in turn could be helpful for your future career planning, and confirming your future career aspirations.  

New to Health & Care

Entry level roles

If you are a student who is ready to start working in a role within health and care, we have entry level roles to help support you with your future career. Entry level roles could include roles in social care, third sector, working on a ward, apprenticeship roles and a variety of administration roles. We will work with you to understand what you are looking for and help to support your career journey.

Experienced in Health & Care

Experienced roles within Health and care

If you have already gained valuable experience in your chosen health and care career and you are looking for your next step, we may have suitable job opportunities that we can connect you into. We work with students on an individual basis to ensure that we can support them into whatever it is that they would like to do next.”

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