Volunteering at Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Our volunteers make a huge difference to our service users and work alongside our staff to support the work of our Trust.

Our volunteers come from many walks of life and contribute such a valuable service to our Trust. They genuinely care about the lives of others and provide their time free of charge to support our service users in their recovery, helping to bring new interests into the lives of those who may be in hospital or who could need a little help with their day-to-day lives following a period of being unwell.

Many of our volunteers have used our services in the past or have cared for someone who has and these people provide valuable insight and support for those currently on their own journey of recovery.

Some people who use our services find it hard to maintain contact with their family or friends and the prospect of making new friends can be quite daunting. Our volunteers can help someone to feel that building and maintaining those social connections is possible at a time when it could feel impossible.