Alan motivates and inspires people to pursue a career in health and care

Alan Crump brings with him a wealth of experience having worked in the health and care sector for over 30 years covering a variety of roles. Alan is a clinical academic liaison nurse for the Leeds Partnership Foundation NHS Trust. In this role he is involved in teaching students, supporting mentors, newly qualified staff and in coaching colleagues. Alan has recently become a Leeds health and care ambassador, developed through the Skills For Care I Care Ambassadors programme, and as part of this role will share his experiences with others to motivate and inspire them to consider a future role in health and care. Alan will take his story to schools, communities and job centres across the city along with other ambassadors drawn from a whole range of organisations and jobs. We all want to ensure the city has the highly diverse, skilled workforce it needs to serve the people of Leeds, with a focus on recruiting those in the most disadvantaged communities. Alan is really passionate about working in the health and care sector. He said: “It is full of inspiring people who want to make a difference. It is incredibly rewarding and meaningful work which allows you to feel like you are offering a real service to people. There are so many avenues to explore and opportunities for progression and training when you find your niche.” “I enjoy sharing the value of the work carried out with other people and encouraging them to consider a career in health or social care. I recognise the talents of other people and help them identify their strengths. I have been working with people from all backgrounds throughout my career and believe that health and care is a rewarding and fascinating area in which to work and learn.” “I am keen to encourage more men to consider a career in health and care. And I would also like to engage with more people from the less well represented areas so that we can develop a diverse and representative workforce. I have already been involved in encouraging young people to join nursing courses. My organisation is very keen to promote the opportunities in health and care for everyone.”
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Learning Opportunities

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