Fakar encourages others to join a unique sector

Fakar Uddin Ahammad has been working for Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust for over two years. His current role is senior technical information analyst and he recently became a Leeds health and care ambassador, developed through the Skills For Care I Care Ambassadors programme.

As an ambassador he will share his stories and experiences with others and help encourage people into a role in the “One Leeds Workforce” – where the 57,000 people employed in health and care work as if they are one organisation – one citywide team.

Fakar wanted to work in the health and care sector as he was interested in gaining more experience working for a national organisation and acquiring new skills.

“I believe working in any sector is a contribution towards society and economy, but the health and care sector is a unique sector where a person can also help save people’s life.”

“I started as a technical information analyst. I was responsible for supporting technical solutions to assist in the delivery of a Trust wide data warehouse to ensure a robust and implemented reporting strategy for Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. I had to extract and utilise data from a wide variety of different sources in order to provide accurate, concise and timely information to senior managers.”

Fakar added: “Since I joined the organisation I have been able to attend a number of training courses and progress to a more senior role. My future goal is to extend my knowledge in data warehousing, learn artificial intelligence and machine learning tools and be a data scientist.”

“To anyone interested in pursuing a career in the health and care sector I would say that it offers many opportunities for career progression and flexible working hours to be able to have a good work-life balance.  You can choose an area you would like to specialise in and it also offers great working conditions and benefits.”

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Learning Opportunities

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