Hearts and Minds

What is Team Leeds?

In Leeds, approximately 57,000 people work in health and care. We have some of the most skilled and passionate teams in the world, and your skills and experience are making a real difference to real people. By working even better together as one health and care team, we can make an even bigger difference to peoples’ outcomes, as well as improving support to each other to address the system challenges that we face.

Team Leeds is not a new concept. There are already great examples of how working together has made a real difference. We are producing a series of Team Leeds Stories to highlight great examples of existing health and care partnerships, and to inspire Leeds health and care workers to work even better together. See the Team Leeds Stories section for more information.

Over the past few months, we have hosted a number of focus groups, bringing Team Leeds colleagues together to share unique experiences of living and working during the pandemic. We have heard many inspiring examples of how people already work in partnership with other teams and organisations improving health and care outcomes and experiences of care. See the Team Leeds Chats section for more information. 

We have also run a Team Leeds Survey through July and early-August. The survey is now closed, and we had nearly 600 response! Thank-you to everybody who took part. We will now analyse the results, and share the findings on this webpage in due course. 

About Team Leeds Hearts and Minds

The Team Leeds Hearts and Minds programme has developed ways to bring the health and care workforce in Leeds closer together, to provide opportunities to make new connections, and engage team members on the issues that matter to them right now.

Whilst the programme is officially ending in September 2022, the essence of the programme and its purpose remain as important as ever. By working even better together, we can make a bigger difference to the people of Leeds and our workforce. We will use the findings from this programme to help shape and improve the health and care system in Leeds, and drive forward a culture of one health and care team, where reducing health inequalities and improving outcomes remains the priority of us all.

It’s important to spend the final months of the programme reflecting on lessons learned, and form robust recommendations for a new and even better Team Leeds culture. Whilst we carry out this work, we have provided a series of communications assets that provide more information about why the programme was established and some of the activity that was delivered. 

Want more information? Contact us at: leedsth-tr.heartsandminds@nhs.net