Listening to you: Team Leeds Chats

Since September 2021, a we have facilitated a series of Team Leeds Chats as part of the Hearts and Minds programme. These are listening events where health and care colleagues came together to talk, listen, connect and share experiences of living, working and learning through the pandemic. Examples were shared where working closely with other teams or organisations has increased the benefits and outcomes for the people we serve, but also the confidence and wellbeing of our workforce.

Some Team Leeds Chats focussed on specific groups, including those who are seldom heard, such as unpaid carers, workforce from ethnically diverse groups, health and care students / apprentices (learners) and women in perimenopause. The feedback from all events has been summarised and shared with senior leaders to inform their understanding of what it is currently like to work within our health and care sector.

Through the Team Leeds Chats, we heard:

  • Simplifying processes and breaking down organisational barriers enables our workforce to work better together to deliver services and make a real difference to real people
  • When we have a shared purpose we are able to focus our efforts and deliver system priorities.
  • Empathy and tolerance between colleagues and partners has improved over the past couple of years.
  • Reconnecting and developing relationships on a human level feels more important than ever. This includes connecting more on issues such as ethnicity, culture and difference. It’s important to have the time to listen to and get to know each other
  • Finding new ways to test team resilience, psychological safety and individual belonging are essential, particularly where remote or hybrid-working continues to operate.
  • Creating space and opportunities for people to network and share learning and development is essential for achieving culture change.
  • Health and care learners have experienced markedly different learning environments, and may require additional support to adjust and develop upon joining the workforce.

We hosted a number of different themed Team Leeds Chats, and you can see the findings for each individual event below.

We have paused Team Leeds Chat events for now, whilst we analyse the evidence collected so far, and agree a way forward for future staff engagement events. In the meantime we encourage Team Leeds colleagues to continue to seek opportunities to talk, listen and connect with each other. You may wish to consider hosting your own Team Leeds Chat. If so, our guide to hosting an event is included below to support you.

Guide to Team Leeds Chats.