Community Care Hubs

As Covid-19 spread across the city, many local people found themselves stuck at home (for example because they were self-isolating or shielding), or falling into financial difficulties. This mean they weren’t able to access essential items such as food and prescriptions. Some people became isolated from loved ones and their local communities, with many not having anyone to talk to whilst stuck at home. Whilst Covid-19 affected everyone, we know that some people were disproportionately affected, especially those living in our poorer communities, and older people.

To help people stay healthy and safe, a group of third sector organisations joined together to form a partnership of community care hubs. Supported by local volunteers, the community care hubs were able to provide essential support to those that needed it most. This included delivering food parcels, helping walk dogs, wellbeing calls, and more.

This Team Leeds story aims to shine a light on the great collaborative work of the hubs, and what the longer-term impact of that partnership.