Improving systems working

The Academy will foster a citywide culture where the health and care workforce operates as if it is one team – “one Leeds workforce”.  Our people will work, learn and develop together in new ways, enhancing career opportunities and providing a more seamless experience for citizens and patients.


  • To support the development of a citywide culture across health and care, at every level, which puts patients and citizens first

Some of the work taking place

An estimated 3,000 people join the Leeds health and care workforce each year and all new starters will now have same system induction. This is all about creating ‘one Leeds workforce’ – staff across many organisations who work as one citywide team for the benefit of people who use their services and receive care. 

The work to create one Leeds workforce is also reinforced through two-day workshops which bring people from across health and care together in community settings and describe the Leeds strategy, values and behaviours. Using activities and real examples, the workshops reinforce the development of one team working together across organisational boundaries to improve care and overcome challenges.

We are also committed to building a community of system leaders across health and care in Leeds. A new programme has been developed to further strengthen the links between the people who lead the organisations responsible for health and care services as we know collaboration is vital if we achieve the ambition set out in the Health and Wellbeing Strategy to be the best city for health and wellbeing.

Everyone has a stake in creating a city which does the very best for its people.”