Data Technician Apprenticeship

Data Analyst

The Leeds Health and Care Academy, in partnership with Estio, are providing an exciting opportunity for health and care staff to develop their data knowledge and skills.  

The Level 3 Data Technician apprenticeship is a fully funded qualification that will teach you how to access, extract, collate and format data, and how to tell the difference between different types of data. Throughout the course you will learn to understand the role of data in the context of the digital world, including the use of eternal trust open data sets, how data underpins every digital interaction, and connectedness across the digital landscape. You will also learn the different methods of validating data and how to take corrective action, as well as how to undertake blending of data from multiple sources. 

About Estio

Estio is a specialist provider of digital and technology apprenticeship programmes. Based in Leeds and part of the BPP Education Group, they offer a comprehensive apprenticeship course delivered by their fully qualified and industry experienced training team.  

Who is this course for?

Anyone working in a health and/ or care role in Leeds can apply who either already uses data as part of their role, for example Data Administrators and Junior Analysts, or those looking to enter the analytics industry and gain base level knowledge in data and programmes such as Microsoft Excel.  

If you currently have experience in data and/ or your role is solely data-based, then the Level 4 Data Analyst apprenticeship could be more suited to you.  

What skills and experience does the course provide?

  • Sourcing and migrating data from already identified different sources and collecting, formatting and saving datasets
  • Cleaning data
  • Blending data sets from multiple sources and presenting in a format appropriate to the task
  • Manipulating and linking different data sets 
  • Applying basic statistical methods and algorithms and using different tools to identify trends and patterns in data 
  • Applying cross checking techniques for identifying faults and data results 
  • Producing clear and consistent technical documentation using standard organisational templates 
  • Summarising and explaining data and results to different audiences.

Programme Modules:

  • Foundation Maths 
  • Introduction to Data Theory  
  • Excel Data Fundamentals 
  • Excel Handling Data and Pivot Tables  
  • Power BI Fundamentals 
  • Databases and SQL Foundation 
  • SQL in Practice  
  • Advanced Excel/R or Python Fundamentals 
  • Statistical and Data Analysis Tools.

What are the benefits of completing the course?

  • Enable you to identify the right data sources for your organisation to inform decision making 
  • Help you to collect, compile and cleanse data accurately and securely 
  • Allow you to actively contribute to the success of your organisation by using data effectively 
  • Allow you to learn while you earn 
  • Career development opportunity, potentially leading to further apprenticeships and training 
  • Provide you with a flexible learning environment.

What is the time and cost commitment?

The Apprenticeship Application Process

Fill out the expression of interest form on the website, where you will be given the opportunity to select an information session to attend.
Attend a virtual group information session with Estio to hear more about the course and next steps for applying.
Apply for the programme through Estio.
The programme will launch in September 2023.

If you’d like to register your interest for the next Data Technician cohort, please fill out the expression of interest form via the button below.