Digital Workshops


The impact of COVID-19 meant that colleagues across the health and care workforce needed to adapt to working in a virtual environment, and they had to do so quickly. We moved from face-to-face interaction with colleagues, to meeting in virtual environments using Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

When this happened, the Leeds Health and Care Academy responded quickly, and held a number of Digital Workshops that aimed to upskill the workforce in basic digital communication.  Between October and December 2020, we delivered 24 one-hour coaching workshops to over 500 participants, under the concept of ‘Adapting to Virtual Delivery’. 

The success of these sessions highlighted a need to develop further digital skills training, as a result, we created a programme of three further sessions that aim to be relevant for as wide a portion of the workforce as possible – Meeting Virtually, Leading Virtually and Caring Virtually.

During these training sessions, attendees will learn alongside colleagues from across the Leeds health and care system. The training will be facilitated by the Academy, but attendees will be able to share knowledge and learnings with each other, based on their own experiences of working virtually and in hybrid environments. 

Our aim is, that by running these sessions, we will be able to support individuals, teams, departments and whole organisations embed and adapt to new ways of working in a virtual and hybrid world. 

2022 Workshops

Meeting Virtually

In this session we will look at the different elements of face-to-face meetings, and how they translate virtually and in a hybrid setting. We will provide a space to stop and explore current activity, and look into best practice for in-person, virtual, and hybrid meetings, as well as looking at what we should be avoiding.

This session is suitable for anybody currently facilitating meetings, whether they’re large, small, virtual or hybrid. This session will be repeated on a quarterly basis.

Session Dates:

  • Thursday 6th October 9.30 – 11.20

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Online Guides & Resources:

Leading Virtually

These workshops will enable learning around managing and leading teams both virtually and in a hybrid environment.

The main focus of these workshops is the sharing of best practice in relation to the management of individuals, the management of team dynamics, and management of change and ambiguity.

Session Dates:

  • Thursday 3rd November 9.30 – 11.30

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Caring Virtually

This session will allow attendees to explore the scope, possibilities and benefits that virtual care can provide.

They will be co-delivered with clinicians, so real-life case studies and expert advice can be given directly from the innovators that are doing this work already.

Dates TBC.

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