Health and Wellbeing Retreats

Health & Wellbeing Retreats

These experiential sessions allow staff to reflect on their own mental health, and the pressure and personal demands of working through a pandemic. They provide opportunities to consider our wellbeing needs and connect with peers.

This opportunity is available to colleagues who would like to learn more about mental health and improve their personal wellbeing.

The courses are developed in co-production. This means that people living with mental health challenges and professionals from a clinical or educational background get involved in the design and delivery, sharing their experience. This ‘lived’ and ‘learnt’ experience brings a mixture of perspectives, real life examples and relatable experiences into the training.

We currently have six wellbeing retreats on offer:

  • Your body talks, are you listening?
  • Self compassion & compassion fatigue
  • Creating healthy boundaries
  • Introduction to the four agreements: Our critical self
  • Choosing happiness & self-care
  • Live your values!

The Retreats are in-person workshops, including lunch and refreshments. The sessions include group exercises and activities focusing on stress reduction and wellbeing, and there are opportunities for personal reflection and pair conversations. You will also be provided with take home session materials and course resources.

To book a place on a Retreat, please follow the link below.