People Leadership Apprenticeship


This 13 month apprenticeship provides Leeds health and care employees with the essential leadership skills required to unlock the potential within their teams.

Designed by programme partners Multiverse (who we also work with to deliver our Data Analyst Apprenticeship & Project Management Apprenticeship) the content of this Leadership course is delivered over 12-13 months, and provides access to 1:1 monthly sessions with your own individual coach, group content sessions with peers across the Leeds health and social care workforce, and membership to the Multiverse networking and welfare community.

During the apprenticeship, participants will learn to understand their own strengths, motivations and styles, and how to develop a high performing team that’s capable of making a big impact within their organisation.

All successful applicants will gain the Team Leader Level 3 qualification accredited by the Chartered Management Institute.

This is a great opportunity to not only join an industry leading programme that Multiverse are currently delivering to organisations such as the Metropolitan Police, the NHS and the Ministry of Justice, but to work and learn alongside colleagues from across the Leeds health and care workforce.

The cost of the apprenticeship is fully-funded by the UK Apprenticeship Levy, so there’s no charge to the participant, or the employer.

Who is this apprenticeship for?

Anyone who is in the early years of their people management career, or who is about to move into a people management role, and is looking to invest
in their leadership and management skills to benefit themselves and their team. To ensure that participants get the most value from their time on the apprenticeship, we recommend this course to people who are 0-3 years into their people management career (applicants who aren’t yet people managers must have started their people management role within three months of the apprenticeship commencing). However, it is relevant for individuals with up to five year’s people management experience if they haven’t received formal people management training before.  

Please note: this programme is not suitable for individuals who already hold a management degree.

What topics does the course cover?

  • Focus on me: understanding your own strengths, motivations and style.
  • Focus on the team: how to build a high performing team capable of making a big impact.
  • Leading for impact: Building relationships across your organisation.
  • Delivering the goods: How to lead with success, overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

You can view the full curriculum here

What is the time commitment?

The average monthly time commitment per applicant is as follows:

We are currently recruiting for our first People Leadership Apprenticeship cohort. If you’d like to find out more about this apprenticeship, and how to gain a place on the course, please fill out the form via the button below to express your interest.