System Leadership Development Programme​

Leeds has a bold ambition to create a “one Leeds workforce” across the 57,000 people employed in the Health and care sector- this includes general practice and broader primary care, social care, local authority, third sector, community health, hospitals, academia, independent sector, commissioners, community groups, and citizens.

With this range of settings and employers, it can be challenging for individuals to “think collaboratively”. As a means of supporting and enabling greater system working, the Academy offers a number of programmes ranging from a structured 2 day “System Leadership programme” to more informal opportunities to connect with colleagues.

What is the System Leadership programme?

  • Pre COVID-19 it was a two day face-to-face facilitative and explorative programme bringing together health and care staff from across Leeds to learn and network together, seeing system leadership in action.
  • It was designed for anyone working in the health and care sector that was curious to find out more and connect with colleagues from across the city, regardless of role.
  • The programme allowed space for colleagues to connect with the city’s ambition and vision and understand how their work contributes to this.
  • It gave the opportunity for colleagues to connect and develop relationships with people they may never have met before and join our system leadership community.
  • We are currently reviewing this programme to fit the virtual world.

System Leadership during COVID-19 

We recognised the need to continue providing a space for colleagues to learn and connect throughout the pandemic. In response to this we offered several shorter virtual sessions on a number of different topics related to system leadership.

We have heard from some experts from Leeds and further afield, some examples of the different types of sessions we have delivered are below:

  • People, Systems and Psychology in the COVID-19 Crisis delivered by Steve Keyes and John Walsh – this was a ninety-minute session designed to reconnect colleagues to system thinking
  • Myron Rogers joined us to discuss system theories and introduce Myron’s Maxims which are criteria for systemic design and radical co-creation
  • Ross McIntosh introduced the new concept of Organisational Flexibility and Prosocial
  • Representatives from Leeds Third Sector, Primary Care and Community services to discuss the response to COVID-19 in their respective areas


We will be delivering more sessions soon, but all our previous session recordings and follow up materials are available to access via this Google Drive.

Find out more about other ways to get involved in the System Leadership work.


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