Team Leader Apprenticeship


The Leeds Health and Care Academy, in partnership with Multiverse, are providing an exciting opportunity for health and care staff in Leeds to develop their people leadership skills. This fully-funded qualification equips managers with the knowledge required to guide their teams to success, and provides a unique opportunity for colleagues working in different organisations to collaborate and learn together. 

The course will help you to identify your own strengths and management style, how to develop a high-performing team capable of making a big impact, and how to deliver those impacts in real life work scenarios. You will apply your new skills within your role, enabling you to learn whilst working on your daily tasks. 

The cost of the apprenticeship is fully-funded by the UK Apprenticeship Levy, so there’s no charge to the participant, or the employer.

Who is this course for?

As long as you’re new to people management, you can join this course – it doesn’t matter whether your role is clinical, care, or office-based.

We recommend this course to people who are 0-3 years into their people management career (applicants who aren’t yet people managers must have started their people management role within three months of the apprenticeship commencing). However, it is relevant for individuals with up to five year’s people management experience if you haven’t received formal people management training before.  

Please note: this programme is not suitable for individuals who already hold a management degree.

What topics does the course cover?

1. Focus on me

To lead well, we need firm foundations to build on. This module will help you to understand your own strengths, motivations and style.

  • Self-awareness: Understanding strengths and areas for development, then addressing them.
  • Self-coaching: Ensuring you lead authentically.
  • Focus on me: Diving into self-knowledge and forging a reflection habit that will transform the way you lead.

2. Focus on the team

Leaders are striving to build high-performing individuals and teams. As a leader, you’ll need to demonstrate authenticity in your approach and build consensus around a shared purpose. This module will demonstrate how to do that.

  • Planning: Taking strategic plans and turning them into actions for your team.
  • Goal setting: Setting clear and achievable goals with your team.
  • Influence: Influencing and persuading others within your team and across your organisation.

3. Leading for impact

Leaders must create the conditions for their team to thrive. This means building trust and influence, and developing relationships across your organisation, which is the focus of this module.

  • Project delivery: Delivering a well-planned project and tracking progress along the way.
  • Difficult conversations: Building confidence in having tricky conversations with your team.
  • Change management: Communicating and delivering change within your organisation.
  • Focus on the team: Leading by example and understanding colleagues as individuals so everyone can flourish.

4. Delivering the goods

In your management role, it’s likely that you will encounter difficult situations. This module is aimed at equipping you with the confidence to navigate your organisation, lead with success, and overcome obstacles.

  • Leading for impact: Translating the big picture into your daily working life for maximum impact.
  • Delivering the goods: Using all your new skills to create real impact. From managing ‘scope creep’ to monitoring progress, this is where you’ll step up to the next level of leadership.

Each module is accompanied by two cutting-edge Mind Gym workouts, two small group coaching sessions, practical workshops, self study, an Applied Learning workbook and quarterly progress reviews.

This is an apprenticeship, and all participants will gain the internationally recognised Level 3 Team Leader qualification accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). You will be taught by industry experts who, as well as tuition, provide 1:1 monthly coaching to ensure that you are comfortable using your new leadership skills at work. Apprenticeships are a brilliant way to develop your career and gain a qualification whilst still fulfilling your day-to-day role.   

This course also offers a unique opportunity to network and build relationships with colleagues across the city. You will be assigned an ‘Accountability Partner’ who will be a fellow learner from a different health and care team in Leeds, who will work alongside you as a peer. Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to speak to like-minded individuals who work in similar settings, who you can share best practice with – helping us to develop as one Team Leeds.  

You can view the full curriculum here

What is the time commitment?

The average monthly time commitment per applicant is as follows:

Applications for this course are now closed. If you’d like to register your interest for a place on the next Team Leader cohort, please fill out the form via the button below.