Help us shape the Career Exploration Tool

What is the Career Exploration Tool?

The Leeds Health and Care Academy has been awarded funding from the West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board to design and deliver a digital career platform to engage our future workforce, to inform, inspire and open doors to health and care careers in Leeds. 

This digital career platform will be a tool that can be used by the entire health and care sector. It aims to inspire people to explore health and social care careers by showcasing the diversity of the career paths available.

About the project

In Leeds, we have a bold ambition and a clear vision for our people: Leeds will be the best city for health and wellbeing. We will be a healthy and caring city for all ages, where people who are the poorest improve their health the fastest.  

The Career Exploration Tool will be a platform that the whole health and care sector can use, so we’re involving the breadth and diversity of our stakeholders, partners and future users to scope and shape it. The foundation of the tool will be a person-centred approach which enables individuals to explore their strengths, skills and values, navigate career paths and opportunities in the sector, and identify actions and next steps. 

This will enable us to attract a diversity of people, and inspire and motivate them to take action, and open doors to real opportunities to work, study and volunteer in the sector.  

How to get involved



Ensuring the tool is not only person-centred, but truly designed with the diverse range of users and stakeholders.


Recognising and utilising the strengths and opportunities that connecting across the system brings.


Ensuring the platform is designed with sustainability in mind, so it can be embedded in how our system works in the long-term.


Recognising the excellent work already taking place in relation to attraction and recruitment, and ensuring the platform enhances and enables this.

Our approach is user-led, and we’re actively seeking individuals to participate in focus groups and looking for ways we can observe career support delivery in various settings.

If you’re interested in taking part in a focus group either as a stakeholder or future user (young people, students, job seekers, parents etc.), you can sign up via the following links:

We’re also looking for experts in this field to interview and learn from their valuable experience and expertise. If you are interested in partnering with the Leeds Health and Care Academy on this project, or you have any further questions, please email