City Workforce Profile 2024: understanding Team Leeds

This year, the Leeds Health and Care Academy’s Workforce Planning team have taken a new and structured approach to identifying the City Workforce Profile; it’s the first time the data has ever been collected in this way.  

What is the City Workforce Profile?

The City Workforce Profile is the collation of headcount figures, that help us to measure and understand the size and shape of the health and care workforce across Leeds.

The City Workforce Profile in 2024 is around…


Profile breakdown

Why is the City Workforce Profile important?

  • Understanding the size and shape of our health and care workforce will help to challenge and sense-check decision making as a system
  • The figures provided by organisations can be used as a baseline to delve further into the city’s workforce demographics
  • The figures can be used to identify longer-term trends and support system collaboration
  • The process of measuring the workforce in this way allows us to set the baseline and methodically measure the size of the workforce going forward, so we can compare in the future.

Next steps

The plan is for this process to be completed every three years, with the learning and improvements from this year’s process taken into consideration for the next refresh due to take place in 2026, where we will be able to view changes by organisation or sector in Leeds.  

A huge thank you to organisations across the sector for their engagement and help in producing the current figure.

If you have any questions about the workforce profile, please contact Kate Matysiak, Workforce Planning Officer at the Leeds Health and Care Academy, via