Leeds Health and Social Care Hub Launch

The Leeds Health and Social Care Hub provides a new way for national and local partners to work together; an exciting opportunity for the Department of Health and Social Care and Leeds-based health and care organisations to collaborate to improve health outcomes across the community, and bring our different perspectives and resources together.

By working together, we aim to make the region a natural choice for people looking to pursue a career in health and care and for organisations in the sector seeking to establish or expand. It also aims to make the health and social care sectors a career of choice for local residents whilst reducing health inequalities and creating employment opportunities.

The Leeds Health and Social Care Hub intends initially to focus on three areas:

  • People and Talent – Developing clearer career pathways between health and care organisations in Leeds, building our entry offer for local residents, developing our graduate entry and post-graduate development offers, and investigating what can be done with the excess apprenticeship levy to support skills development locally.
  • The Health and Social Care Economy – Working together to continue to develop Leeds as a location of choice for health and social care businesses, particularly innovative businesses and those in the digital health and medical technology sectors.
  • Policy and Delivery Collaboration – Developing a new way of working that allows for the development of knowledge, service improvement and innovation in health and care, bringing together the knowledge, experience and insight of all partners to address health and care policy challenges. This work will initially be based around health disparities.

For further details please visit this page: Leeds Health and Social Care Hub launches to improve outcomes across the region – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

If you have any questions please contact:  LeedsHealthandCareHub@dhsc.gov.uk