Our impact

This exciting approach will impact on everyone’s lives in some way:

  • The 780,000 people who live in Leeds and access health or care services at any point in their lives.
  • The 57,000 people who currently work in our city’s health and care services in addition to the 72,500 carers and 200,000 volunteers.
  • The 62,000 students in higher education.
  • Residents of the city who would like to work in these services now or in the future – employed or unemployed, of all ages and all backgrounds.
  • People who live outside of the city but who are attracted by the many opportunities it offers for both work and home.

So how will the Academy’s work impact on:

  • Patients, families and carers? A strong and highly skilled workforce that works closely together for the benefit of service users and more people attracted into the health and care sector to fill vacancies and ensure we have the people we need in the future
  • Health and care professionals in Leeds? The best training and development available, encompassing the latest technology and innovation, which will be recognised across all partners. The chance to train alongside colleagues from other organisations and expanded opportunities for other staff, such as care home staff. More people attracted into the workforce to fill current vacancies.
  • For partner organisations, including universities? The opportunity for us to unite the collective skills, knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the city and all the partner organisations involved. The opportunity to showcase nationally and internationally the benefits of this true partnership working. Making more of the Leeds pound to reinvest into the latest training and development opportunities.
  • For the communities of Leeds? Promoting the opportunities for people in all our communities, and particularly disadvantaged communities, to enable residents to gain roles and careers in the health and care sector.
  • For all of Leeds? Supporting the bold ambition for Leeds to be the best city for health and wellbeing. This benefits everyone living and working in Leeds.