Partner Workforce Hub

The Leeds Health and Care Academy brings together partners from the NHS, local government, primary care, independent care providers, the third sector and education to support, develop and grow our city’s health and social care workforce. 

Through collaboration, we create positive change within Leeds and enable our workforce to thrive. Working across organisational boundaries, together we strive for Leeds to be a healthy and caring city for all ages.

Working collaboratively with partners, we provide opportunities for skills, jobs and wealth creation, engaging and recruiting those in our most disadvantaged communities and inspiring the next generation health and care workforce.

This page details some of the collaborative workforce programmes that we’re currently delivering alongside health and care partners in Leeds.

Workforce Planning and Transformation

During the last couple of years, it has become increasingly clear that the ability to understand our current and future health and care workforce as a city is essential to enable us to keep pace with the changes in our service provision and the needs of our population.  As a result, we are now leading a programme of work with partners, designed to deepen our insights and to better inform our shared priorities for education, resourcing, development and retention of our city’s workforce.  

This programme consists of a number of different workstreams:

Leeds Collaborative Workforce Planning Approach

This is a collaboration of workforce leaders and professionals working together to develop a system-wide approach to health and care workforce planning in Leeds.  This work is closely linked to the development of our Population and Care Boards and the desire to support long term change for the benefit of the people of Leeds.  Joining up with Health Education England and the West Yorkshire Workforce Observatory enables us to optimise expertise across this complex area, with a particular focus on the value of collaboration and designing workforce solutions across organisational boundaries, data, analysis and strategy in the context of Leeds as a city.

Leeds Allied Health Professions Planning Pilot

This project is a deep dive into the Allied Health Professional (AHP) workforce in Leeds, covering all professions across both health and social care employers. The goal is to understand the current and projected size and shape of the AHP workforce in the city, test our approach to collective workforce planning as well as providing valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities for our AHP workforce and inform both organisational and city-wide people plans. 

Leeds Learning Needs Analysis

Working directly with Health Education England, the Academy is developing and coordinating a continuous city-wide approach to Learning Needs Analysis with health and social care partners across Leeds. The aim of this approach is to ensure that education and training commissioned for our students and workforce, is directly underpinned by shared strategic priorities and a better knowledge of our city’s workforce needs. All our Leeds health and social care service providers are represented either as an individual organisation or through a respective professional body or sector network. 

For further information on any of the workstreams listed above, please contact Chris Tissiman, Workforce Planning and Transformation Manager, Leeds Health and Care Academy via

Staff Portability

Alongside partners, we have created a voluntary Staff Portability Framework that allows for short-term sharing of staff across health and social care organisations in Leeds, enabling the sector to take a collective view of resourcing, and work together as a citywide group to respond to changing demand.

By signing up to the framework, member organisations can work with diverse partners to enable skilled and experienced staff to work in different settings for a short period of time, when there is critical service need.  So far, 28 partners have signed up (all three Leeds NHS Trusts, Leeds City Council, multiple GP Practices as well as the GP Confederation and one voluntary organisation) and the framework has been mobilised 4 times.

If you would like to sign up or find out more about the framework, please contact

Health and Wellbeing

Last year, Leeds was awarded £155K to support mental health and wellbeing training and interventions for colleagues across Leeds. All of these initiatives are fully-funded, and open to anybody working in the city’s health and care sector.

This funding allowed us to provide the following:

  • Mental Health First Aider training (over 100 places provided by Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust)
  • Health and Wellbeing Champions training (800 places provided by Luminate Education Group)
  • Day and weekend retreats and facilitated Compassionate Circles (780 days of support provided by The Recovery College)
  • Grants for smaller organisations to enable them to backfill staff attendance – ensuring the opportunities are available for everybody.

A Health and Wellbeing Community of Practice has been established to provide an enduring legacy for the project. The Community of Practice will identify up to 3 collaborative aims each year that task and finish groups will deliver, and it will act as a forum for sharing best practice and knowledge.

For further information or ways to get involved, please contact Emma Holford, Project Officer on

Team Leeds Hearts and Minds

In Leeds, approximately 57,000 people work in health and care. We have some of the most skilled and passionate teams in the world, and the skills and experience of these people are making a real difference. By working even better together as one health and social care team, we can make a bigger difference to peoples’ outcomes, as well as improving the experience of service users and increasing the support that we can provide to each other.

The Team Leeds Hearts and Minds programme is a culture and system OD project which has developed ways to bring the health and care workforce in Leeds closer together, to provide opportunities to make new connections, to share insights and perspectives, and to engage team members across all partner organisations on the issues that matter to them right now.

Whilst the first phase of the programme ends in September 2022, Team Leeds and its purpose remains as important as ever and the initial evaluation will shape the next phase of this work which will embed cross-organisation staff engagement, shared learning and development, and team connectivity into the way we work in Leeds. By working even better together, we can make a bigger difference to our workforce and the people of Leeds and drive forward a culture of one health and care team, where reducing health inequalities and improving outcomes remains the priority of us all.

You can find out more about the programme, and read and watch some inspirational Team Leeds Stories via this page.

Connecting Communities with Health and Care Careers

Building on the fantastic pilot in Lincoln Green, this programme sees the city work in partnership to provide attractive and progressive careers within disadvantaged or under-represented communities in Leeds, removing traditional barriers to recruitment and employment, and providing practical support to help people succeed.

By engaging with people directly in the communities where they live, we are able to help them find the career that’s right for them, signpost them to local vacancies, education and training courses, employability programmes and volunteering opportunities, and ensure they have the support they need to thrive when joining Team Leeds employers.

Campaign 1 (July-Oct 2021): Armley and New Wortley

This campaign focused on recruiting local residents for Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s newly built Children and Young People’s Mental Health Inpatient Service, Red Kite View. Candidates were also supported to access social care roles via Leeds City Council’s We Care Academy and engaged with further employability support.


  •  468 engaged
  • 118 attended employment webinar
  • 70 job applications received
  • 40 people secured a role, went onto further training or undertook employability support.

Campaign 2 (Feb 2022-July 2022): East Leeds

This campaign is focused on Clifton and Nowells, Lincoln Green and Boggart Hill. Learnings from Campaign 1 highlighted that this programme engages the highest number of people when we interact with residents face-to-face, so we toured local schools and community centres to enable us to have direct conversations with residents. The people engaged were then referred for further 121 support. As part of this campaign, we also held work experience events within communities, where we aimed to inspire and attract our future workforce by engaging with them through the use of interactive activities.

Project evaluation will be complete by the end of July, impact statistics will be published once the evaluation is finalised.

You can view our latest stakeholder update here, which focuses on the impact of the work experience days.

The next steps for the programme will be to compile the latest evaluation, and use this to inform the strategy for the next phase of the programme which seeks to embed it as a sustainable resourcing model in our city.

“I am so happy. I am hoping to further my knowledge, and maybe become a mental health nurse later down the line. I can’t wait to work with the young people and help them get back on their feet and feel better. The salary means I’ll have more financial freedom. This opportunity is going to make a real positive difference to my life.”
Dorisz Fuko
Assistant Support Worker at Red Kite View, a successful participant of this programme.

For further information or ways to get involved, please contact Emma Holford, Project Officer on

Leeds Talent Pipeline

The Leeds Health and Care Academy ensures that future potential members of the workforce are engaged with, and have easy access to, job vacancies across all health and social care employers in Leeds, as well as training and volunteering opportunities.

Through the Leeds Talent Pipeline, we work in collaboration with all of our health and care partners to identify routes into entry level roles, as well as roles further up the career ladder for those who have transferrable experience. We also link in with our further and higher education student population to actively assist them in gaining valuable experience across a broad spectrum of opportunities.

We’re proud to be working with Armed Forces Careers, refugee charities and the Princes Trust to identify people who would love to work with us, and have rewarding careers in the city of Leeds.

2021/22 impact statistics:

  • 225 candidates supported through recruitment processes
  • 66 candidates placed into employment
  • 247 candidates pre-screened for various roles including the Winter Workforce recruitment campaign
  • 54 We Care Academy referrals

To find out more, please contact Anya Macbeth, Health and Care Talent Lead on

Reimagining Clinical Placements

This is a collaborative project led by clinical, workforce and educational leaders from across Leeds health and social care partners, building on the brilliant work of the Leeds Clinical Placement Expansion Project (CPEP). The aim of the project is to challenge the constraints of the traditional clinical placement model to attract, retain and support learners in more diverse and rewarding health and care pathways. The focus is around two key areas; developing a culture for clinical placements which embeds value, creates opportunities, and increases motivation; and ensuring that digital and technological advances are being used to their best effect to enhance placement learning. 

For further information or ways to get involved, please contact Emma Holford, Project Officer on

Social Care Nursing Project

Leeds City Council and partners across the city are passionate about supporting and developing nurses studying or working in care homes and social care settings. This project aims to involve care homes and social care providers to help raise the profile and share the exciting and diverse opportunities for nursing professionals in social care. Nurses from a variety of settings including (but not limited to) residential care, mental health services and substance misuse services, are being invited to share their experiences and inform the support and development that would be most beneficial. 

West Yorkshire and Regional Collaboration

In addition to our focus on Leeds, the Leeds Health and Care Academy is proud to be part of the West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board and we actively contribute to our West Yorkshire People Plan. We work as a ‘team of teams’ with colleagues across Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield, sharing our strengths and successes, accessing support, and learning from others. Our most recent work as part of the wider system has been to provide support for the COVID-19 vaccination training across West Yorkshire, hosting the West Yorkshire Talent Retention Hub, and supporting the development of the West Yorkshire Workforce Observatory. Our approach is built on common purpose and deep partnership working to create strong, collaborative, system-wide projects. Our clarity of focus, targeted investment and structured approach lays the foundations for positive change.