Connecting Communities with Health and Care Careers

Building on the fantastic pilot in Lincoln Green, this programme sees the city work in partnership to provide attractive and progressive careers within disadvantaged or under-represented communities in Leeds, removing traditional barriers to recruitment and employment, and providing practical support to help people succeed.

By engaging with people directly in the communities where they live, we are able to help them find the career that’s right for them, signpost them to local vacancies, education and training courses, employability programmes and volunteering opportunities, and ensure they have the support they need to thrive when joining Team Leeds employers.

The Connecting Communities with Health and Care Careers programme (CCHCC) was built on a ‘hub and spoke’ model. The ‘hub’ was the data control centre, and data was collected through a QR code that was included in numerous different pieces of promotional material that were distributed within target communities. A person could submit their data to the hub via a form that the QR code linked to. The hub then filtered that person through to the most appropriate ‘spoke’ for them – CCHCC was one of these spokes. 

The Connecting Communities with Health and Care Careers programme has now been built into business as usual via our citywide service Leeds Health and Care Talent Hub.

Campaign 1 (July-Oct 2021): Armley and New Wortley

This campaign focused on recruiting local residents for Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s newly built Children and Young People’s Mental Health Inpatient Service, Red Kite View. Candidates were also supported to access social care roles via Leeds City Council’s We Care Academy and engaged with further employability support.

Campaign 2 (Feb 2022-July 2022): East Leeds

This campaign focused on Clifton and Nowells, Lincoln Green and Boggart Hill. Learnings from Campaign 1 highlighted that this programme engages the highest number of people when we interact with residents face-to-face, so we toured local schools and community centres to enable us to have direct conversations with residents. The people engaged were then referred for further 121 support. As part of this campaign, we also held work experience events within communities, where we aimed to inspire and attract our future workforce by engaging with them through the use of interactive activities.


You can find out more about the impact, outcomes and key successes of the programme in the formal evaluation conducted by Leeds Beckett University’s School of Health. Click here to read the report. 

Case Studies:

We’ve spoken to a number of candidates, employers, recruitment and learning partners about their experience of the Connecting Communities with Health and Care Careers project.

Click on the links below to read the stories of people who’ve been directly involved in the programme:

Click here to access a visual map that outlines how each of the above roles interacts with each other throughout the project. 

Connecting Communities with Health and Care Careers Stories

“I am so happy. I am hoping to further my knowledge, and maybe become a mental health nurse later down the line. I can’t wait to work with the young people and help them get back on their feet and feel better. The salary means I’ll have more financial freedom. This opportunity is going to make a real positive difference to my life.”
Dorisz Fuko
Assistant Support Worker at Red Kite View, a successful participant of this programme.

For further information or ways to get involved, please contact Emma Holford, Project Manager at