Leeds Health and Care Talent Hub

This is a citywide service that connects the people of Leeds with career, training and volunteering opportunities in health and social care.

The Talent Hub supports people to achieve their potential by providing a fully holistic and person-centred approach that’s tailored to a candidate’s individual ambitions and circumstances. Through engaging and recruiting those in our most disadvantaged communities, this approach enables the Talent Hub to contribute towards narrowing inequalities in our city and ensuring that the diversity of the Leeds health and care workforce better reflects that of the people it serves.

Who we engage with:

Organisations and teams that already work closely with large groups of potential candidates. Examples could be local education and training providers, community groups, local charities, Employment & Skills services, and employers who are supporting onward career transitions such as armed forces, public services or following redundancies. We work with Community Partners to generate the Talent Hub’s pools.

The Talent Hub offers a self-referral service via the Leeds Health and Care Academy website for individuals wanting help to explore opportunities within Leeds health and social care. These candidates will be supported on an individual basis. The referral form can be found here.

Organisations who are able to provide an opportunity for candidates. This could be directly into a job vacancy, or through qualifications, training or volunteering opportunities. Working closely with Destination Partners ensures that the connections made between candidates, employers and training providers establish the best possible fit and recognise the needs and priorities of all parties. 

How you can get involved:

If you work in Leeds with groups of people who might be interested in health and social care careers, or are a Leeds-based employer or education provider who would welcome local candidates for employment, volunteering or training opportunities, contact us to find out how to become a Talent Hub partner.  The Talent Hub is a free service, funded by the Leeds Health and Care Partnership. 

Contact us via healthandcaretalent@nhs.net to find out how we can work together.