Collaborative Workforce Planning

During the last couple of years, it has become increasingly clear that the ability to understand our current and future health and care workforce as a city is essential to enable us to keep pace with the changes in our service provision and the needs of our population.  As a result, we are now leading a programme of work with partners, designed to deepen our insights and to better inform our shared priorities for education, resourcing, development and retention of our city’s workforce.

This programme consists of a number of different workstreams:

Leeds Collaborative Workforce Planning Approach

This is a collaboration of workforce leaders and professionals working together to develop a system-wide approach to health and care workforce planning in Leeds.  This work is closely linked to the development of our Population and Care Boards and the desire to support long term change for the benefit of the people of Leeds.  Joining up with Health Education England and the West Yorkshire Workforce Observatory enables us to optimise expertise across this complex area, with a particular focus on the value of collaboration and designing workforce solutions across organisational boundaries, data, analysis and strategy in the context of Leeds as a city.

Chris Tissiman, Head of Collaborative Workforce Planning and Kate O’Connell, Director of Leeds Health and Care Academy and Strategic Workforce, were involved in co-authoring “Strategic workforce planning in health and social care – an international perspective: A scoping review”, an academic paper published in the June 2023 Health Policy Journal. This article helped to inform our approach to workforce planning, you can read it here.

Leeds Allied Health Professions Planning Project

This project is a deep dive into the Allied Health Professional (AHP) workforce in Leeds, covering all professions across both health and social care employers. The goal is to understand the current and projected size and shape of the AHP workforce in the city, test our approach to collective workforce planning as well as providing valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities for our AHP workforce and inform both organisational and city-wide people plans.

Leeds Learning Needs Analysis

Working directly with Health Education England, the Academy is developing and coordinating a continuous city-wide approach to Learning Needs Analysis with health and social care partners across Leeds. The aim of this approach is to ensure that education and training commissioned for our students and workforce, is directly underpinned by shared strategic priorities and a better knowledge of our city’s workforce needs. All our Leeds health and social care service providers are represented either as an individual organisation or through a respective professional body or sector network.

For further information on any of the workstreams listed above, please contact Chris Tissiman, Head of Collaborative Workforce Planning, Leeds Health and Care Academy via