Our Partners

The nature of our work is collaboration – working together for the benefit of Leeds.

Our funding partners are:

However, we work with and support all health and care organisations across Leeds, including primary care, voluntary, community, and independent providers, as well as educational institutions. Some of our key partners include:

Our Governance

The Leeds Health and Care Academy and Leeds One Workforce Programme play an important role in delivering the Leeds Health and Wellbeing Strategy, and link into several workforce groups across the city.

The Leeds One Workforce Strategic Board (LOWSB) oversees the Leeds One Workforce Programme, and also directs the Portfolio Delivery Group (PDG), which has responsibility for assuring the scope and impact of the Leeds Health and Care Academy portfolio.

The role of the PDG is to oversee the development, delivery and impact of all Academy products and services, and to assure partner organisations that we are meeting the needs of the health and care workforce. Our Advisory Groups were put in place to offer guidance and insight in three main areas – clinical and care, education and organisational development.

These groups meet regularly to review the Academy portfolio and check and inform alignment with priorities, to review current and emerging Academy programmes, identify learning needs within their area, and to help engage their section of the workforce with Academy development opportunities. The Leeds Academic Health Partnership provides strategic direction for both the Leeds Health and Care Academy and Leeds One Workforce Programme.