The Leeds Primary Care Student Leadership Placement



Support the expansion of high quality clinical placements for pre-registration nursing students to increase the number of newly registered nurses opting for general practice as their first career destination.


The Practice Learning Facilitator for Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust and Leeds Primary Care developed a highly structured placement programme to maximise value for the student, services and service users with the aim of equipping the future workforce with the right skills, knowledge, and confidence to lead on the provision of high-quality care at the heart of communities.



The impact of the placement experience meant that 2 new general practice nurses were recruited into permanent roles here in Leeds, and the other 2 students plan on coming into general practice within the next 6 months. In addition, clinical placement capacity has expanded, demonstrating the positive impact the placement programme has had.

Student Outcomes

  • A clear understanding of learning outcomes and how these would be achieved.
  • Increased knowledge and skills; Venepuncture, social prescribing, health & wellbeing coaching, digital health & leadership.
  • Providing personalised care that recognises individual needs, fears and realistic lifestyle and health goals.
  • Learned more about the health needs of the PCN population they were working with.

Service User Outcomes

  • 380 additional NHS health check appointments were offered.
  • 299 service users attended their NHS Health Check appointments, enabling the students to identify those at low, medium or high risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
  • Individual service user outcomes included 2 females with breast lumps who booked in for GP referrals, were fast-tracked to breast clinic and are now being treated for breast cancer.
  • 3 males with irregular pulses booked in for urgent ECG’s and 1 patient now under review of cardiology for further treatment.

Financial Outcomes

  • NHS England pay a weekly tarrif to all placement areas supporting non-medical students, to the sum of £122 per student, per week.
  • The PCN supported 4 students for 10 weeks totalling £4880.
  • Each NHS health check attracts a fee of £20, the 4 students completed 299 over the course of the placement totalling £5980.
  • An unintended financial outcome was the completion of outstanding investigations (bloods and urine dips) as part of their NHS health check appointments.

Longer Term Impact

A transferrable placement model which can be used across settings. A culture change whereby learners are viewed as an asset and their contribution to service delivery is valued. Sustainable growth of the health and care workforce, attracting and recruiting the right people with the right skills and knowledge to deliver care. Improved population health and well-being as a result of early identification and intervention.


Top Tips

Identify an area of healthcare provision that students could lead on within your service (NHS health checks, hypertension reviews, diabetes reviews).

Draw upon support from your practice learning facilitator to structure the learning journey for the students and create a plan.

Think outside the box! For example, if a student is accessing a leadership placement, what other organisations including charitable, and third sector could they spoke out to support their learning?

Supporting the student. If they have a named assessor and supervisor, they can work out of one practice, or they could work across a PCN. Use your professional supervision and assessment models to your advantage.

Think about students as assets who can provide vital human resource with appropriate support and nurture. They can also provide financial return.

“I have wanted to be a practice nurse although, I was always told that I must work in a hospital for at least 1 year before I could apply. This placement has encouraged me to apply for practice nurse vacancies straight away.”


“We have had some really positive outcomes with regards to lifestyle changes and they have been successfully signposting patients to additional services for support. Overall, very impressed with this pilot, and a brilliant way to expand knowledge and encourage our new generation of nursing colleagues into general practice”


“The students are very thorough; the appointment wasn’t rushed. It’s a really helpful check up that offers reassurance and validation”