Our vision and ambitions

Together we want to support the creation of ‘one Leeds workforce’ with the best skills, founded upon the best research and evidence, improving the health and wellbeing of the people of Leeds.

To do this the Academy will provide support: 

    • for people working in health and care, by making sure the current workforce is highly skilled in the right areas to support innovation and the future development of services
    • for people training to join the workforce, by ensuring strong links between the subjects colleges and universities offer and the Academy, so that the transfer from training to work is smoother
    • for potential future staff, by promoting health and care careers and providing work experience across partners, focusing our efforts to help people in our disadvantaged communities
    • for volunteers and unpaid carers, by providing training opportunities, again focusing on people and communities facing the greatest challenges
    • for retired staff, by providing people with opportunities to take on mentoring, coaching and ambassadorial duties.